Day Tickets

From today, day tickets are available. These tickets can be purchased for Saturday and Sunday. The price of a full-day ticket is 45 euros. Please be aware, that there are only a limited number of tickets available.

If you have already registered for the event but are unable to attend, please contact the reception office by email. We can then put you in touch with people who still need tickets.

All the tickets that are still available can be found on our website:


In only a few days Karmapa Thaye Dorje will arrive in Möhra. We are very happy that so many of you will join.

If you want to follow the teachings and be part of the team making this event possible, please use the form below to register as a volunteer.

It is also possible to join the volunteer team in the days and weeks after the event.

Registration form for volunteers

Every volunteer will be able to attend the entire programme.


Catering services are provided on Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturday during the lunch break (outside the hall). Additionally, snacks and beverages are available throughout the event (inside the hall) and can be purchased in cash only.

Here is the menu for the catering on site:

For information on restaurants in the area, please visit our Website.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon.

from Dhagpo Möhra