Schedrub Tschöpel Ling


Schedrub Tschöpel Ling


The programme of Dhagpo Möhra ranges from the transmitted teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, over the commentaries of enlightened masters to lectures, in which we learn and practice the skillful handling of thoughts and emotions in everyday life.
All course contents refer to the tradition of the Karma Kagyu school.

To simplify the process of selecting the right course according to your needs and wishes, we structure our program in the following key points: Body and Health, Meditation, Study.

Body and Health

To improve everyday life.

In our personal as well as our professional life, our resources often do not allow us to connect with our deeper lying wishes and needs.

The seminars support us:

  • to practice living a conscious life, in order to make it easier for us to make relevant decisions and develop a healthy orientation
  • to develop a better understanding of our body, our feelings and our relationships with others
  • to discover meditation


To clear and ease the mind.

Daily meditation practice helps us to develop an openness, not only towards different situations but towards other beings and our own feelings as well. Therefore we learn to completely accept whatever occurs.

Following with the Buddhist key instructions, our meditation allows us:

  • to deepen our understanding of how we are functioning
  • to change our habits and to open up for others and new situations
  • to reveil our inborn qualities and to connect with them in everyday life


Getting to know the deep meaning of Buddhism.

To deepen our meditation practice, it is helpful to study the Buddhist view of reality. Due to this, we are offering lectures on Buddhist philosophy.

Studying the basic Buddhist terms and texts allows us:

  • to cultivate a better discernment and understanding of all phenomena
  • to gain knowledge about the path to enlightenment
  • to deepen our access to openness and compassion


Especially for people around the local area, we are offering monthly evening lectures, in which we summarize different points of the practice of the Buddhist teachings and present their application for everyday life. Participation in these evenings is free of charge.

Free lectures

Daily meditation

There are traditional Tibetan-Buddhist meditations every day,
which everyone is most welcome to join.

  • 07:00 – Green Tara Puja
  • 08:30 – Guru Yoga
    of the 16th Karmapa
  • 12:00 – Heart Sutra
  • 17:30 – Mahakala Puja
  • 20:00 – Chenrezig Puja

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