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The Heart Sutra

November 29 , 20:00 - December 1 , 12:00


Explanations – common practice/dialogical reflections – exchange.

The Heart Sutra is one of the most well-known texts of Buddhism and is recited regularly in almost all Mahayana traditions. It is regarded as a condensed version of the extensive teachings on the perfection of wisdom (Prajnaparamita). In the Heart Sutra, our perception of the world and our self-perception are put to the test. In exploring all facets of our experience, we realise that all inner and outer phenomena are fleeting and insubstantial.
We also recognise that for this very reason we also realise that it is precisely for this reason that they manifest themselves through the power of dependence arising in a highly effective and incessant way. With the help of the contemplations of the Heart Sutra, we realise therefore how insubstantial causes and conditions lead to their corresponding insubstantial, yet perceived as real, effects. And it is with this insight that we can turn to loving-kindness and compassion for living beings, including ourselves – to life in all its fullness.

Recommended readings:
Karl Brunnhölzl. The Heart Attack Sūtra A New Commentary on the Heart Sūtra. Snow Lion Publications, 2012 2014

Dr. Tina Draszczyk

Dr. Tina Draszczyk


November 29 , 20:00
December 1 , 12:00
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Dhagpo Möhra