Useful Information

Here you will be able to find the latest information regarding the visit of Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa.
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Parking & Shuttle






from 4 – 7:30 pm Check-In. Have your QR code ready to exchange your ticket for a wristband
6 pm Access to the hall
8 pm Teachings


from 8 am Access to the hall
10 am Teachings
12:30 am Lunch break
3 pm Teachings


from 8 am Access to the hall
10 am

Refuge, Bodhisattva Vows and Empowerment for
Dorje Sempa (Vajrasattva)

12:30 am

Lunch break

1:30 pm

Refuge, Bodhisattva Vows and Empowerment for
Dorje Sempa (Vajrasattva)

Parking & Shuttle Timetable

The programme will take place in the hall FLUGRAUM4 .
At the hall there are NO parking spaces available!
If you arrive by car, we kindly ask you to drive to the nearby parking at Flugplatz Kindel .
There are enough parking spaces available and you can reach the hall directly via the shuttle bus.

Shuttle Service

We kindly ask everyone to car share!
For everyone without any possibility to arrive by car, there will be the opportunity to take a shuttle from the bus station (ZOB) in Eisenach (please see the shuttle schedule!) to the hall or order a taxi.
During the check-in, the admission- and break-times, as well as after the programme, the shuttle will commute between the hall and the parking.
Afterwards, on each day, there will only be one possibility to take the shuttle back from the hall to the bus station (ZOB) in Eisenach.



5 pm One shuttle from Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B
7 pm One shuttle from Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B
5 – 8 pm Shuttle between Parking Flugplatz Kindel
10 pm – 12 am Shuttle between Hall FLUGRAUM4
Parking Flugplatz Kindel
12 am One shuttle from Hall FLUGRAUM4
→ Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B


7:30 am One shuttle from Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B
8 – 10:30 am Shuttle between Parking Flugplatz Kindel
5 – 7 pm Shuttle between Hall FLUGRAUM4
Parking Flugplatz Kindel
7 pm One shuttle from Hall FLUGRAUM4
→ Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B


7:30 am One shuttle from Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B
8 – 10:30 am Shuttle between Parking Flugplatz Kindel
3 – 6 pm Shuttle between Hall FLUGRAUM4
Parking Flugplatz Kindel
6 pm One shuttle from Hall FLUGRAUM4
→ Eisenach ZOB Bus-Stop 1B


Teachings are given in English and translated directly into German. For French, Polish and Czech, you can find translation headphones. Please return them to the charging station at the end of each teaching session.

Copies of Prayer Booklets are provided. They contain a collection of texts that will be recited at various moments during the event. Refuge Booklets are also available for everyone who wishes to take Refuge.

A designated area is organised for parents with children. This space
allows adults to follow the teachings, while taking care of the kids.

Lost & Found. Check for the sign in the hall.

Questions and Answers

Here you will find questions we are frequently asked and their corresponding answers.

I am or I feel unwell. Can I still participate?

If you feel ill before you arrive, we ask you to decide on your own responsibility whether it is possible for you to participate in presence or whether you would rather not participate out of consideration for the many other people on site.
If you fall ill during the event and need support or are unsure about how to proceed, please contact the medical centre. They will be able to help you.

I would like to offer my help during the preparation or during the event. Who can I contact?

We are very happy to welcome volunteers! Please fill out the registration form that you can find on our website.
We will then have all the important information, and you can also indicate how your support can look like or if you have special qualifications that you would bring in (e.g. medical training, foreign language skills, technical expertise, security consultant, etc.)

I am unable to attend the event at short notice. Will I get a refund of the admission fee?

A refund is not possible. However, you are welcome to pass your ticket on to your Dharma friends.

I only want to come for one day. Can I buy a day ticket?

Day tickets are available for Saturday and Sunday. Day visitors have the same option of booking a ticket with food.

Due to the location, break times and parking facilities in Eisenach, it is highly recommended to book a “ticket with food”. Please note that the registration for “tickets with food” will be closed on Wednesday the 12th of June.

Can I come at the last minute and buy a ticket on site?

Tickets will only be sold via our website as long as tickets are available. It is therefore unfortunately not possible to sell tickets on site.

I have neither a credit card nor a Paypal account and I don't use online banking. How can I book a ticket?

Ticket sales via our website offer various payment options, including bank transfer.
If you are unable to use any of these, you may know someone who can buy the ticket for you using your personal details (name, email address etc.).

I bought my ticket and received the confirmation email. What is the next step?

In the confirmation email you will find a PDF with a QR code. You will need this code on site for admission. You can print out the PDF or bring it with you on your mobile phone. Please make sure that you have the QR code at hand when you enter.

I would love to attend, but I cannot afford the discounted ticket either. What can I do?

Access to the Dharma should not be restricted or withheld for financial reasons. Please contact us via We will find a suitable way!

I have a handicap. Will I receive support?

Please let us know before the event if possible so that we can better adjust to your needs and, if necessary, let us know at the entrance. We will support you as much as possible!

Which languages are offered as translations?

Currently planned are: German, French, Polish and Czech.
For any request, please sent us an email to

I have difficulties hearing or hearing aids.

In our translation system, a channel will be available for the hard of hearing and can be listened to via headphones or via direct connection to a hearing aid.

Can I reserve a seat?

Unfortunately, we cannot reserve seats for participants.
However, there are enough seats in the hall and the video screen guarantees a good view on Karmapa Thaye Dorje from every seat.

Can I charge my mobile phone at the hall?

We plan to set up a cell phone charging station in the lobby of the hall.

Can I bring Dharma objects to be blessed?

There will be a table on which you can leave dharma objects to be blessed by Karmapa on Sunday. You can have objects, brought or bought here, blessed by Karmapa on Sunday.

I have no accommodation yet. How can I receive information?

From now on, we will inform you about offers via newsletter and on our website.

Will meals and drinks be provided at the event?

The event will take place at FLUGRAUM4, near the airport located 25 km from Eisenach.
Due to the remote location, the short duration of the breaks and the lack of parking facilities in Eisenach, it is highly recommended to book a “ticket with meal”.
The “ticket with meal” includes 3 meals on site, which will be prepared and served by our caterer Robert Broll – Matheo Catering. You can find more details on our website at Karmapa 2024 – Tickets & Catering.
More details and practical information will be published in the coming weeks, on our website and in our newsletter.

Will there be any other food on offer at the hall apart from the food that can be booked with the ticket?

There will be an offer of coffee/tea and cake as well as soft drinks.

And there will be a small contingent of separate food on offer, although we cannot guarantee availability for all interested parties.

Are there restaurants and/or shopping facilities near the hall?

There are no restaurants or shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity of the hall. 

I want to bring my dog along. Is this possible ?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the event.
Exceptions to this are assistance dogs according to §12e BGG.
Please show your proof paper at the entrance.
Unfortunately, it is also not possible for campers on the grounds of Dhagpo Möhra to bring their dog.

What are the parking options at the hall?

Free Parking and shuttle service is provided. More details you find under parking on our website. Free Parking and shuttle service is provided.

Is it possible to buy a Katak at the hall?

Yes, it will probably be possible to buy a Katak in the hall on Sunday.

Are there taxi numbers?

There will be an information stand in the hall, where you can find necessary information, such as important phone numbers.

What can I do if I have more or other questions?

You are welcome to sent us a message on if you have further questions.


To make it more convenient for you to find accommodation in the region, we have selected a few campsites for you below.

1 - Natur Campingplatz Ebenshausen

2 - Campingpark Eisenach

Am Altenberger See
99834 Gerstungen OT Wilhelmsthal
+49 (0) 36929 / 798007

3 - Campingplatz am Kanuclub Hörschel

99817 Eisenach
01577 7553554

4 - Campingplatz am Tor zum Hainich

Am Hainich 22
99991 Unstrut-Hainich OT Weberstedt
+49 36022 98690

5 - Campingplatz Stausee Wangenheim Nessetal

Zum Wangenheimer See 1
99869 Nessetal
01578 1285212

6 - Camping Creuzburg

Am Trockenbagger 1
99831 Amt Creuzburg
0171 1425196

7 - Camping Drei Gleichen

Campingplatz 1
99869 Mühlberg
036256 22715

8 - Campingplatz Georgenthal

Forsthaus Am Steiger 2
99887 Georgenthal
036253 – 46 99 36

9 - Campingplatz Paulfeld & Gaststätte

Straße am Steinbühl 3
99887 Georgenthal OT Catterfeld
+49 36253 25171 (Rezeption)

10 - Rennsteig-caravaning Valentinsteich

Friedrichrodaer Weg 3a
OT Finsterbergen
99894 Friedrichroda
0 36 23 – 31 07 75

11 - Campingplatz Palumpa-Land

Am Stausee 1
99986 Vogtei / OT Niederdorla
0173 4460707

Dhagpo Möhra
Karmapa Event
Dhagpo Möhra


To make it easier for you to find accommodation in the area, we have selected a few hotels here.

1 - Hotel Villa Anna

Fritz-Koch-Straße 12
99817 Eisenach
03691 23950

2 - Villa Bomberg

3 - Hotel Glockenhof

Grimmelgasse 4
99817 Eisenach
03691 2340

4 - Eisenacher Hof, Luther Hotel

Katharinenstraße 13
99817 Eisenach
03691 29390

5 - Göbel‘s Sophienhotel

Sophienstraße 41
99817 Eisenach
03691 2510

6 - City Hotel

Bahnhofstraße 25
99817 Eisenach
03691 20980

7 - Logotel

Karl-Marx-Straße 30
99817 Eisenach
03691 2350

8 - Pentahotel

Weinbergstraße 5
99817 Eisenach
03691 8150

9 - Hotel Kaiserhof Eisenach

Wartburgallee 2
99817 Eisenach
03691 88890

10 - Bamberger Hof

Gothaer Str. 61
99848 Wutha-Farnroda
036921 279300

11 - Hotel Frauenberger

Max-Alvary-Straße 9
99891 Bad Tabarz
036259 5220

12 - Pension Villa am Burgberg

Ausfeldstraße 7
99880 Waltershausen
03622 654520

13 - Hotel zum Herrenhaus

Schloßstraße 10
99820 Hörselberg-Hainich
036254 7200

14 - Pension am Ostbahnhof

Kindleber Str. 95
99867 Gotha
03621 7386800

15 - Alpha Hotel–Hermann von Salza

Kurpromenade 1
99947 Bad Langensalza
03603 122490

Dhagpo Möhra
Karmapa Event
Dhagpo Möhra